AA.VV. The Black Chamber. Surveillance, paranoia, invisibility & the internet


Developed through ongoing research on these subjects by internationally renown artist duo Eva & Franco Mattes and researcher and curator Bani Brusadin, The Black Chamber aims at discussing the delicate and often awkward role of art and imagination in the age of mass surveillance. The project stresses the multiple connections between post-studio art and independent research, grassroots reverse engineering, and new forms of political activism in the age of networks. This publication is not just an exhibition catalogue. It’s also an attempt to show the exhibited works as part of larger research processes. Including original material, texts and documents kindly provided by the artists and their publishers, documentation of the live events and excerpts from the conference, this book documents ingenious artist and activist strategies, discussing at the same time the cultural and social context of the ideas that generated the show.

Featuring works and original contributions by Jacob Appelbaum & Ai Weiwei, Laura Poitras, Metahaven, Zach Blas, James Bridle, Émilie Brout & Maxime Marion, Simon Denny, Jill Magid, !Mediengruppe Bitnik and Evan Roth.

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Eds. Bani Brusadin, Eva & Franco Mattes, Domenico Quaranta,
Exhibition catalogue,
152 pp,
Perfect-bound Paperback
ISBN 978-1-326-61205-4

Link Editions, Brescia, 2016
Aksioma - Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana