Fassone & Manzotti: If Art Were To Disappear Tomorrow What Stories Would We Tell Our Kids?


If Art Were To Disappear Tomorrow What Stories Would We Tell Our Kids? is a project that aims to create an archive of tweet-structured texts capable of describing contemporary artworks. This project came about with the idea of ordering a huge amount of works that share the common feature of being very simple yet very meaningful. Italian artist Roberto Fassone and curator Giovanna Manzotti have tried to condense the shapeless mass of images and information of contemporary artworks present in their computers and on the web, into a simple, functional and structured system, in which the complexity of the art world is partially compressed into the brevity of one tweet. The result can be described as an uncanny collection of contemporary fairy tales. First developed as a Twitter-based performance comprising hundreds of tweets, the project has been now translated in book form, including 94 tweets organized into a single story. The book is available as a print-on-demand paperback and a free download pdf.

Roberto Fassone makes works that explore and question the notion of art and games, the processes regulating them both, and the relationship between the two. Among his performances: spending three months without saying bad things about anybody, conducting a lesson without using the letter “R”, lip-synching a Prince concert. He spent the last three years designing and improving “sibi”, a software able to generate instructions to make potential artworks. www.jamaicainroma.com

Giovanna Manzotti is a contemporary art curator based in Milan. She has a BA in Economics and Management in Arts and a MA in Visual Culture and Curatorial Studies. She curated the group exhibition Academy Awards | Homeostasis is not enough (Viafarini DOCVA, Milan 2013). She is currently working as assistant curator for different projects and as a contributing editor for Flash Art and Arte e Critica.

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Roberto Fassone, Giovanna Manzotti
If Art Were To Disappear Tomorrow What Stories Would We Tell Our Kids?
Black and white on cream paper,
116 pages,
Perfect-bound paperback,
ISBN 978-1-326-05288-1

Editor's note by Domenico Quaranta

Link Editions,
Brescia 2014