Event, London

6PM Your Local Time

The UK Beta Test


6PM YOUR LOCAL TIME (6PM YLT) is a networked, distributed, one night contemporary art event, which takes place simultaneously in different locations, coordinated from one central venue, and documented online via a web application. Furtherfield hosted the first UK event, chosen for its history of critical engagement with networked culture. Including 13 selected participants from London and other locations around the UK, the event worked as a beta test for the web platform.

Domenico Quaranta and Fabio Paris from Link Art Center talked through their ambitions and inspiration for the project. For the duration of the event, participating venues and their audiences across the UK tested the platform by sharing documentation images and videos of their events under the same hashtag, #6pmuk. The audience at Furtherfield was able to enjoy the live feed from all the locations involved, and to discuss the project with us.

Credits and more information about this event HERE


22 Nov 2014
Furtherfield Commons + various locations