Disruption Network Lab

Tracking Systems of Control

Disruption Network Lab (DNL) is an ongoing platform of events where artists, hackers, networkers, whistleblowers and critical thinkers enter into a dialogue. Curated by Tatiana Bazzichelli and usually taking place in Berlin at Kunstquartier Bethanien, these talks and presentations, in April have been developed in partnership with AND alongside the The Art of Bots programme in London.

The DNL Bots: Tracking Systems of Control features a keynote speaker, U.S. Air Force whistleblower Cian Westmoreland (Project Red Hand, USA), and a panel discussion that considers the relationship between surveillance and the use of bots. The event focuses on the ‘darker’ side of bot usage, on the issues of surveillance, tracking and whistleblowing. In particular, the use of automated systems for network centric aerial warfare, drone airstrikes, online tracking, and pervasive invisible infrastructures were analysed and presented. Who is responsible for the output and actions of bots, both ethically and legally?

15 April 2016
New Wing, Somerset House, London

Curated by: Tatiana Bazzichelli


Marc Garrett
Vladan Joler
Joana Moll
Richard Tynan
Carmen Weisskopf
Cian Westmoreland