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Julian Oliver: COVER ME


COVER ME┬áis a new project by Julian Oliver conceived specifically for the exhibition at Link Cabinet. The project consists in a gallery of Creative Commons licensed photographs found on Flickr that the artist transformed into data containers for distributing Snowden files. Using a method known as as steganography, the artist embedded the volatile data into images matching the search queries ‘island getaway’ and ‘beach paradise’, without visibly changing their appearance. Here, the act of sharing comforting, tranquil images helps to counterbalance the bleakness and anxiety enshrouding clandestine leaks while broadening the potential for redistribution.
With ignorance as a robust excuse, the images can be safely shared among colleagues at work, uploaded back to Flickr or used as a desktop background while crossing borders. At any given point a leak can be conveniently and privately extracted from the image onto a personal computer using a free and open-source software program developed by the artist.

Credits and more information about this event HERE

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14 January - 15 February 2015
Link Cabinet

Curated by: Matteo Cremonesi


Julian Oliver