Networked Disruption Exhibition Galerija ŠKUC Aksioma

Group Exhibition, Ljubljana

Networked Disruption

Rethinking Oppositions in Art, Hacktivism and Business

The Networked Disruption exhibition is based on Bazzichelli’s book Networked Disruption: Rethinking Oppositions in Art, Hacktivism and the Business of Social Networking (DARC Press, The Digital Aesthetics Research Centre of Aarhus University, 2013).

Bazzichelli’s hypothesis is that mutual interferences between art, hacktivism and the business of social networking have changed the meaning and contexts of political and technological criticism. Hackers and artists have been active agents in business innovation, while at the same time also undermining business. Artists and hackers use disruptive techniques of networking within the framework of social media, opening up a critical perspective towards business to generate unpredictable feedback and unexpected reactions; business enterprises apply disruption as a form of innovation to create new markets and network values, which are often just as unpredictable. Bazzichelli proposes the concept of the Art of Disrupting Business as a form of artistic practice within the business field of information technology.

The artworks and collective projects are conceptually and visually interlinked in the exhibition spaces, which constitutes a network of networks. By applying the strategy of “working from within”, some sections of the show are conceptualised in collaboration with people deeply involved in the networks under scrutiny: Vittore Baroni (Mail Art), Florian Cramer (Neoism), Gabriella Coleman (Anonymous), John Law (Suicide Club and Cacophony Society), Andrea Natella (The Luther Blissett Project) and members of the Anna Adamolo network.

This choice reflects the perspective that a new methodology of curating a research should open a metaphorical (and physical) space to encourage and provoke feedback loops among theory and practice, and among subjects and objects of analysis. The result is a constellation of networking practices, which aims to actualise – and to question – the notion of “direct participation” itself.

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Walk together with Tatiana Bazzichelli through the exhibition Networked Disruption at the Škuc gallery in Ljubljana :


11 March - 3 April 2015
Škuc gallery

Curated by: Tatiana Bazzichelli


Anna Adamolo
Billboard Liberation Front
Burning Man Festival
Cacophony Society
Janez Janša, Janez Janša, Janez Janša
Julian Oliver
Laura Poitras
Les Liens Invisibles
Luther Blissett
Mail Art
Peng! Collective
Suicide Club
Trevor Paglen