AND2015 - LucyBarker-6616

Public realm intervention


An alternative communication system

Spreadkom was an alternative communication system created especially for the AND Festival by collaborators BridA (Tom Kerševan, Sendi Mango and Jurij Pavlica) . This new commission encouraged you to think about forgotten and hidden abilities to communicate. Distributed throughout the forest were a series of devices, all powered by air, water or sunlight. These devices were able to communicate with each other and with listeners (visitors) by sending different sound codes, mimicking the natural sounds of the forest.

Spreadkom avoided the use of a central operation unit based network like GPS or internet and emphasized alternative ways of communication and orientation without relying on standard technology that permit all sorts of abuse by the possibility of tracking or spying.

18-20 September
Grizedale Forest (UK)

Abandon Normal Devices