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Class Wargames: The Game of War


After the May ‘68 Revolution, Guy Debord – the founder of the Situationist International and the author of The Society of the Spectacle (1967), a searing critique of the media-saturated society of consumer capitalism – devoted much of the rest of his life to inventing, refining and promoting what he came to regard as his most important project: The Game of War.
The Game of War is a a Napoleonic-era military strategy boardgame where armies must maintain their communications structure to survive – and where victory is achieved by smashing your opponent’s supply network rather than by taking their pieces. As such, it isn’t just a game: it is a guide to how people should live their lives within Fordist society. By playing, revolutionary activists could learn how to fight and win against the oppressors of spectacular society.

Intrigued by the importance Guy Debord placed on his invention of The Game of War, in 2007 a multinational group of artists, activists and academics formed Class Wargames to investigate the political and strategic lessons that could be learnt from playing his ludic experiment.

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Richard Barbrook presents the book Class Wargames at The Old Power Station (Stara mestna elektrarna) in Ljubljana:


11 April - 9 May 2015
Aksioma | Project Space


Class Wargames
Richard Barbrook
Fabian Tompsett