• The Black Chamber catalogue now available

    Co-published by the Link Art Center, Brescia, and Aksioma, Ljubljana, and edited by Bani Brusadin, Eva and Franco Mattes and Domenico Quaranta, The Black Chamber publication is now available in print on demand and free download. Not just an exhibition catalogue, this book includes original material, texts and documents kindly provided by the artists and their publishers, documentation of the live events and excerpts from the conference. More info here

  • Mine, yours, ours

    Organized by Drugo more in Rijeka (HR), this year's edition of Mine, Yours, Ours festival deals with surveillance as one of the most important issues of contemporary era.  The programme includes The Black Chamber exhibition, lectures, presentations, a workshop, and a performance. More info here


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    Disruption Network Lab

    Tracking Systems of Control

    • Talks
    • Curated by: Tatiana Bazzichelli
    • New Wing, Somerset House, London

    15 April 2016

  • botsweb1020x600-01-650x473
    • Exhibition
    • Co-curated by: Matthew Plumber Fernandez
    • New Wing, Somerset House, London

    15 – 16 April 2016


  • The Media Reality, Citizen K, The Moral Reform
    The artist talk by Ztohoven at the opening of their exhibition at Aksioma | Project Space

  • Zach Blas @The Black Chamber
    Session 2: Voluntary prisoners of the cloud


  • Michael Mandiberg: FDIC Insured


    Starting in 2008, Michael Mandiberg methodically downloaded the logos of the many banks that failed during the Great Recession, and were taken over by the United States Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

  • Evan Roth: Kites & Websites


    Kites and Websites collects a selection of works developed in the framework of Evan Roth’s Internet Landscapes project, an ongoing investigation into the network, nature and the self. Like a new romantic wanderer, he has studied the global submarine fiber optic cables in various countries, often finding himself alone in remote locations.